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The Valentine Event

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With Valentine’s Day ahead Lineage 2 gets its next event: The Valentine Event. I think, in the history of Lineage 2 NA/EU that is going tobe the 1st event ever wich will be in sync with the korean Lineage 2. Anyway … farm on.

Help spread the Love! The Goddess Aphrodite has sent her faithful servant, Valentine Messenger Queen of Hearts, to foster love, loyalty and affection across the world of Aden. But Alas! As love and generosity are abhorred by them, some greedy monsters are bent on thwarting the spread of this infectious and debilitating disease. Having raided the warehouses where the ingredients were kept, the Queen of Hearts is now unable to create the Valentine Cakes she’d planned to make for everyone. Without the cakes, she fears that she will fail Aphrodite.

Can you help? Track down the cake ingredients and help the Queen of Hearts make special Valentine’s Cakes for all. The better the cake you make, the better the reward you will receive. But most important of all, your efforts will help to ensure that Aphrodite’s message is felt the world over.

General Information

Valentine Messenger Queen of Hearts will be located in all major towns including starter villages.

Speak with her to receive a free Valentine Cake Recipe. This recipe should be registered to your Common Craft Recipe Book. To do this, simply double-click on the item from your inventory window.

There are three ingredients needed to make the first tier cake: (10) Dark Chocolate, (10) White Chocolate and (5) Fresh Cream. These items can be obtained by killing monsters.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can then attempt to make a Simple Valentine Cake. Please note that the Simple Valentine Cake has a 95% success rate.

Specific Cake Information

There are four tiers of cakes: the Simple Valentine Cake, the Velvety Valentine Cake, the Delectable Valentine Cake and the Decadent Valentine Cake.

The Velvety, Delectable and Decadent Cakes are only obtainable through the transformation of the cake before it. For example, a Delectable Valentine Cake has a chance of producing a Decadent Valentine Cake.

In every instance, you either successfully create the next higher cake, or receive the rewards associated with your current cake. For example, you have a Velvety Valentine Cake. When you double-click it, it will either turn into a Delectable Valentine Cake or you will receive one of the designated rewards for that cake.


  • Simple Valentine Cake – Dragon Bomber Transformation Scroll (one time use), Unicorn Transformation Scroll (one time use), Quick Healing Potions, Greater Healing Potions
  • Velvety Valentine Cake – Scroll: Enchant Armor C, Scroll: Enchant Armor B, Blessed Scroll of Escape, Blessed Scroll of Resurrection, 3 Day – Agathion of Love
  • Delectable Valentine Cake - Scroll: Enchant Weapon B, Scroll: Enchant Weapon C, 7 Day – Agathion of Love
  • Decadent Valentine Cake - Scroll: Enchant Weapon S, Scroll: Enchant Weapon A, 15 Day – Agathion of Love, 30 Day – Agathion of Love

Event Schedule

The event will begin on February 10, 2009 after the maintenance period on Tuesday. It will end after the maintenance period on February 17, 2009. Unlike previous events, the event manager NPC will not stay in the game for an additional week after the event ends. The Queen of Hearts NPC will be removed from the game during maintenance on February 17, 2009.

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  1. I love u all!!! *run* :D

    btw valentines day is only a commercial gimmick to buy more products…i think u can show ur “love” the holy year ,when u love a girl/boy/whatever(ur dog maybe oO) and dont need a special day for this….


    23 Feb 09 at 17:12

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