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Rare Effects and Sepcial Abilities for Weapons and Jewelry

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What a mess!

On topic before the rands;
I compiled all weapons and jewels incl. theyr Special Abilities and the newly introduced Rare Effects into seperate articles:

Dual Swords Fighter Weapons Kamael Weapons Mage Weapons Jewelry

The listed Special Abilities and Rare Effects might not be on par with the ingame descriptions. Thats due to the qualitiy of the original translation (provided by NCSoft NA/EU). Mostly anything got double-checked against the korean version and now lists the original korean SA and Rare Effects – including typos and erros i might have made during writting it up, so drop me a note if you find errors.

I dunno if it has been always like this, but the current translations on the PTS for anything related to Items from Lineage 2 Gracia is one of the poorest i’ve ever seen. Some examples? The same weapon having completly different names, descriptions for the same Special Ability (SA) on a weapon has 3 or more different descriptions (making it different abilities), … and thats just items, tried the Newbie Guide yet on the PTS?
One would think, that whoever puts the texts together uses some common sence or that the QA-Team (wich i highly doubt to exists) would have a look before putting things in production. So the excuse NCSOft brings up is: “Now you know how things look when they get to us.” (Siren, the current incarnation of the Lineage 2 Community Manager).
God damn, they have 6 months to hire a translation service and have the QA-Team take a look before releasing it to public.

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July 28th, 2008 at 1:10 pm

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