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Latest NCSoft Event: In favour of bots

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First of i thought the ‘Love your Gatekeeper’ event might be something good, that also the non-boting player might enjoy. Having the chance to rise your Vitality Level when you find the time for and benefit from the increased XP/SP-rates.
The event items can only be purchased during that 1 week the event NPCs are up. But why do they have to remove the items from the game the day the event ends? To actualy benfit from the ‘Love your Gatekeeper’ event you are ‘forced’ to play and use the event items this week. Bad luck if your real life shedule curently does not allow you to spend as much time needed to event use your vitality, so you could rise it again with the help of the event items.

Long story short … the boting majority of the Lineage 2 players, might actualy make the most use of this event. A characters vitality will also rise as long as you get XP while being transformed into a gatekeeper. So leeching away in a group will do the trick. If you haven’t starting boting yet, its obviouse a waste of time waiting any longer. The event items are shadow items, bound to 1 char, not tradeable. Would it cause any harm allowing players to use it any time later this year? I think not.

Lets have a look to Korea, where they are running a 4 weeks ‘Welcome New Year’ Event. Besides other things you can enjoy 4 weeks of 1 hour per day, not loosing but gaining vitality. Also the ‘Love your Gatekeeper’ Event has been run there already several times in the past. Obviously even NCsoft seams to admit that Lineage 2 is actualy the hardest grind-fest under the mmopg’s currently on the market. So to make it at least somewhat better they introduced the Vitality System. But even then the majority of non-boting players will ever level past lvl 80.

So why not using some common sence and set every characters Vitality Level to 4 during every weeks regular sheduled maintenance?

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January 22nd, 2009 at 12:08 pm

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  1. You’re probably right, it wouldn’t have harmed.
    On the other hand, you still can collect the items, and use them somewhen on weekend…
    I still find the Event very enjoyable, and I don’t think the bots are in favour (or at least not that much).
    To build up some vit for my mainclass, I use the staff on my subclass, which otherwise I wouldn’t play… that’s enough for me to be satisified :)

    What does a bot have to gain, if he’s leeching in a group? If he want’s vitality&xp, it probably would be better to bot solo on the transform with an oop recharger.

    Anyways, it’s nice to see events which are not of “Have a bot army farm x-thousand items, and get some money shoved in your ass”-type…
    The christmas event was also more or less like this… Let’s see what brings the future :)


    22 Jan 09 at 14:14

  2. i am leader of a small clan. i have 11 members of which 6 are very active players, however 7 of my clanmates didnt get to use the “GK sticks” for longer than 2 hours total. one even logged on once a day to say hi, buy the stick and then get back to his work he is very tied up with at the moment.
    Now check this out, the only botting clan member i have didn’t care about the event and i quote: “what do i need it for?”
    so bottom line for me: i enjoyed the event very much. to nuke with a melee sub on one account and with a summoner sub on the other account was great. the nukes where so hard i was 1 shooting mobs and my toons gained up to 40% per hour. under normal circumstances it would have taken me all day.

    i agree it favors botters that are online every day, but don’t see the advantage for them by leeching it. thinking about it, i intend to say it favors young players that have no life outside L2 and that can play on a daily basis ;)


    ps: love the site, found it recently and will come back more often. good job all and thx


    28 Jan 09 at 15:48

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