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Gracia Part 2 – PTS & Launch & Halloween Event

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The 3rd update for Lineage 2 this year gets closer. The Public Test Server for Lineage 2 Gracia Part 2 gonna launch today, October 16th. It will be a rather short PTS period this time, be it the general lag of new content or the past PTSs being a general failure …Lineage II Gracia Part 2 will hit the live servers on Tuesday, October 28th. Along with the launch of this new update players will see a Halloween Event.

The official NA version of the Gracia 2.2 Patch Notes gonna be unveiled later today, untill then you can check our posts about the korean PTS patch notes and korean PTS details. If there gonna be changes in the NA patch notes we gonna post these later.

PTS Details & Rates

All characters created on the PTS will start at level 40 with 100 million adena and SP. There will be a 2nd boost on Thursday 10/23/08. We will post more on this in the coming days. The following rates will be applied throughout the duration of the PTS.

  • Experience is set to times four (x4).
  • Drop rates are set to times six (x6). This includes spoiling.
  • Quest rewards are set to times ten (x10).
  • Clan Reputation Points are set to times ten (x10).
  • Penalty for leaving a clan is set to one minute.
  • There will be no Death Penalty applied on the PTS.
  • And, as always, the cats will be on hand to see to your other needs.

Now thats actualy an interesting looking setup and should bring some life to the PTS.

Omega is devising some special Halloween treats for the Lineage II community! Something that no other territory has had before. And although you’ll have to wait till the launch of Gracia – Part 2 to see what he is concocting, he’s going to need your help.

During the next couple of weeks, Omega will be setting up shop in Giran on the PTS. He won’t be there all the time, so you’ll have to catch him when you can. You’ll find him in a buy shop, looking for random items that he will be using to create his special trick or treat goodies. Selling him items is by no means mandatory. But who knows. The better your contributions, the better the prize could be.

Make sure you say, “Trick or Treat Omega!” before you sell him your goods!

Patch Notes

Please check this seperate post for the Lineage 2 Gracia Part 2 Patch Notes.

    Halloween Event – Trick or Treat in Lineage II style!

    In celebration of Halloween and the launch day of our latest update, Gracia – Part 2, the Lineage II team is giving you some extra special treats.

    After the maintenance period for the application of Gracia – Part 2 on Tuesday, October 28th, all characters above level 20 can go to their warehouse to receive their Halloween goodies. In their warehouse, they will find one (1) Pumpkin Transformation Stick and ….. another surprise item.


    The only prerequisite for receiving these items is that the character must be level 20. That’s it. You do not have to have completed your first class transfer in order to receive these gifts. And these items will be applied to all characters above level 20 on a single account.

    Halloween Haunt Items

    Pumpkin Transformation Stick: Transforms you into a pumpkin. Can be used for up to 30 days. Cannot be exchanged, dropped or destroyed. Can be stored in a private warehouse.

    Surprise Gift: This treat is a surprise. Check back next week to see what it is!

    Item Removal

    As the above table shows, the Pumpkin Transformation Sticks are shadow items that last for 30 days. Unlike other Shadow Items, these items count down regardless of whether they are equipped or not. So everyone’s Pumpkin Stick will expire at the exact same time.

    If this event gonna be a waste of time remains tobe seen. No word yet on rewards and what the Surprise Gift turns out tobe.

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