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Gracia Part 2 – Pailaka Quests

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In a few hours Lineage 2: The 2nd Throne – Gracia, Part 2 gonna be live on the european and north american servers. There aint much changes nore new content.
Just when we thought it cant get any worst, there is NCSoft adding a new chapter to the infamous PTS-failure-saga. Most of the time the PTS was down and if that wasn’t the case it was lagging badly. NCSoft and theyr representative ‘Community Manager’ Omega, err i mean Siren (or whoever is imposing that role over there), keeped theyr hush-silent-policy not loosing any word at all about the state of the PTS nore any pre-informations about the launch on the live servers.

So it wasn’t possible for us to gather all the wanted informations from the PTS. For now the Quest Guide for Pailaka therefor only covers the 1st of 3 quests in that series (update, all 3 Quests now have full walkthroughs).

Final thougts,

one would have imagined a company learns from its mistakes and starts improving sooner or later. In the case of NCSoft Austin/EU, now known as NCWest, this isn’t the case at all. NCSoft earned a fairly bad reputation for the support and administration during Lineage 1′s primetime. Lineage veterans ‘warned’ new players of Lineage 2, that they gonna be better on theyr own when it comes to any support related issues. (Yes i know they got awards for ‘Best Support’ and what now. But anyone knowing how this industry works also knows how awards been selected.)
Over the past years the MMOG market changed alot – new games and companies entering the market left and right and providing a much better service than NCSoft Austin ever been able to show (not that its being anything hard to be better than NCWest). Instead of learning and adopting from others NCSoft keeped pushing the level for bad support, operation and administration to newlows. With all that in mind the future isn’t looking to bright for this ‘company’ and doesn’t leave much hope for a better service to come – NCSoft’s new IP Aion comes next year. You better hope to not run into any problems on your journey or find usefull informations overseas and on farious fansites.

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October 28th, 2008 at 2:43 pm

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  1. Does xp-sp rewards are at live rates or pts rates?


    31 Oct 08 at 14:53

  2. These are the live server rewards.


    31 Oct 08 at 15:18

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