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Gracia Part 2, korean PTS patch notes

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With the korean PTS for Lineage 2 : Gracia Part 2 (aka CT2.2) being underway the first patch-notes poped up. Overall it looks like polishing / balancing what got added in CT2.1 but generaly lagging anything really new content wise. The korean preview site for Gracia Part 2 is also up at

NCSoft keeps pushing its micropayment system NCCoin by introducing new subscription plans for Korea:

Yellow: 7 days gametime – 9900 won
Green: 100 hours of play time for 30 days + 5 paid ingame contents – 29700 won
Blue: 300 hours of play time for 30 days + 3 paid ingame contents – 29700 won
Orange: 30 days gametime + 1 paid ingame content – 29700 won
Purple: 90 days gametime – 70400 won

Paid Contents are certain items and a few character services like:
Cat Hat, Skull Cap, mountable Horse, a new flying pet, 3 new supporting pets (Fighter, Healer, Supporter), ingame Spectator mode (prolly only gonne be used in asian inet-cafes), teleportation to special locations, colored character names, blessed resurrection.

Check the korean preview page if you wanna see the colored subscription packages (oO) or pictures of the paid content.

Besides these changes here are the known ingame details so fare:

Changes to the Instance Dungeons

Instant Dungeon 1 – Kamaloka
- Registration to enter the instance is once per day.
- Registration period resets daily at 6:30am server (not ingame) time.
- max players per party changed to 2-9 players.
- Instance duration changed to 60 minutes
- Compared to CT2.1 the level distribution got spread out: 24-34, 34-44, 44-54, 54-64, 64-74, 74-85

Instant Dungeon 2
- Quest type instant dungeon, only those who have finished a quest may enter by speaking to a NPC.
- Levels are: 36-42 (duration 60 mins), 61-67 (90 mins), 73-77 (90 mins)

Instant Dungeon 3
- Competitive dungeon, entry NPC is located on Fanatsy Island
- max players per instance is 25
- opens every 30mins and instance duration is 20 minutes
- 3 minutes before start, registered players are moved to the entrance area
- PVP and PVE is enabled, goal is to gather up kill points by either
- no death penalties, also not loosing buffs
- teleport back to entrance area on death, chance to re-enter the instance
- winning players get Xp, SP and Fantasy Island Coins
- Fantasy Island Coins can be exchanged for items
- Levels are: 70-75, 76-79, 80+

Instant Dungeon 4
Changes to drop/reward table.

Changes to Quests
3 new 1-time quests added, starting levels are 36, 61 and 73.

Skill Changes
Players under the influence of any invincible skill, will not be able re-new the effect untill the current one is worn off.

Changes to the Pet System
- Some of the buffs higher level Improved Pets can give have been increased in level of effect.
- Players that are transformed can now also ride mountable pets (wyvern).

Changes to Items
- Any armor part enchanted to at least +4 will increase the players max HP.
- New Herb of Vitality drops from mobs, just like any other herb. Vitality Herbs are instantly used on pickup, adding 1 Vitality point and last for 5 minutes.
- Common materials weight has been reduced to 1/3.
- UI changes for enchanting items.
- Lots of fixes to bugs introduced in CT2.1 inlcuding S80 armor related stuff.

Vitality System
Players below level 9 wont loose vitality points during hunting.

Mini Game
Added a new mini game, wich can be played anywhere ingame by using the command /mini-games or using the icon in the action/skill tab.

Added a new NPC to Hunters Village.

Like with any korean PTS nothing is final and things might change untill CT2.2 hits the korean live servers.


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