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Gracia, Final: PTS ‘soon’

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After getting beaten by any other Lineage 2 instalment worldwide (including the just recently started russian Servers by 4game) NCwest’s Associate Producer ‘Kinslon’ posted yesterday:

Please note that effective 5:00pm CDT the Lineage II PTS server will be taken down in preparation for the Gracia: Final publish. Please stay tuned as we will be announcing the Gracia: Final PTS schedule soon.

So get prepared for the next round of ‘Lost in Translation’ and later on finding your favourite text- and translation-issues making it onto the live servers.
Sorry, but if my business involves a major translation part, i make sure to hire someone being fluent in the products original language and context and my targeted audience language. Hiding behind lame excuses like:  ‘Our texts & translations are based on gibberish machine translations’ (very loose quote of a NCwest employe’s forum post) is nothing but a lame excuse.


The Public Test Server will go live Thursday, April 16th at approximately 3pm CDT.

All characters created on the PTS will start at level 83 with 1 billion adena and 2 billion SP. The following rates will be applied throughout the duration of the PTS:

  • Experience is set to times four (x4).
  • Drop rates are set to times six (x6). This includes spoiling.
  • Quest rewards are set to times ten (x10).
  • Clan Reputation Points are set to times ten (x10).
  • Penalty for leaving a clan is set to one minute.

There will be no experience loss upon death applied on the PTS. And, as always, the cats will be on hand to see to your other needs.
Additionally, you will now be able to learn all of your skills instantly! Simply speak with the Test Server Helper and after your 3rd class transfer, click the “Practice Skills” link and you will have all of your skills ready to use. Also, if you click on the “buy accessories” link at the Test Server Helper, you’ll also notice wide array of S80 gear ready for you to purchase and wear.

The official PTS Patch Notes can be read here (if you found any of the korean – translated to english- Patch Notes confusing, these official NA ones won’t make a difference).

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April 7th, 2009 at 11:41 am

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