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Gracia, Final Launch Coverage

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In a few hours the latest Lineage 2 expansion Gracia, Final will go live. Untill then a short rant from our side and a few Gracia Final related guides.

It’s sadden to see that the majority of text and translation issues will not be fixed (once again). So good luck to everyone having to deal with (but not limited to) Item, NPC, Description, Quest, … inconsistencies. Prime example here might be the name for one fo the 2 seeds on Gracia: Seed of Immortality, Seed of Infinity … while the correct translation would have been Seed of Eternity.

The poor quality of the translation and overall lag of any QA makes us wonder in what shape this company is going to deliever theyr next MMORPG Aion.They have stated to ‘westernice’ every text related aspect of the game and start with a realy polished version. We shall see …

Even tho this was prolly the shortest PTS in Lineage 2 history, we managed to test a few things here and there:

That’s it for now. More when we have finished a few more tests, quests, …

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April 28th, 2009 at 12:53 pm

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  1. Good job^^


    28 Apr 09 at 13:10

  2. Indeed great job.
    Any info on quests to obtain the books 81 from Gracia or Hellbound?


    4 Jun 09 at 10:02

  3. Some books can be exchanged for Tomes of Evil by the Legendary Blacksmith Shadai on Hellbound. Others are rewards for doing the Hall of Suffering instance on Gracia,


    4 Jun 09 at 11:03

  4. great job except to Zeona who wasted a lot of time drawing inaccurate graphs: does it mean 200, 205, 210, … ; what mobs he tested on. why not tested for PVP – the part that actually is from interest. very disappointing that the only thing he found out was the elemental power increases in steps and that some mobs have resistances. thank you for pointing that out =/


    19 Jun 09 at 19:14

  5. The graphs are not inaccurate since there are no fixed breakpoints. A breakpoint depends on a) your elemental attack power and b) your targets elemental defence power. So anyone that claims you need x amount of elemental power on your weapon to increase your damage output is inacurate, hence he does not take the elemental defence in concideration … To put it simple: There are no absolute breakpoints for elemental attributes. Fe. there are mobs ingame where a 150 elemental attack already reaches the next breakpoint, while mobs of the same defence element won’t allow you to get to that breakpoint with just 150 attribute. So basicly the mob it was tested on has no real relevance, but it is always mentioned anyway as Test Sample. Also these tests can be directly interpreted for PVP as well, hence it underlies the same game mechanic.


    22 Jun 09 at 11:36

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