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Gracia, Final – early Element Attribute Reports

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The korean PTS for Lineage 2 – Gracia, Part 3 is still under way. Unlike any of the other PTSs this one actualy deserves the name Public Testing Server – changes getting tested and adjusted if needed. It seams also much easier to test certain aspects of the game, wich are next to impossible to test-run on a live server.

There has been a small test run on the korean PTS to figure out how the increased element values for weapons and armor influence inflicting and receiving damage.

Attack Attribute

With the damage variance in mind the test results define the following attribute breakpoints, when an increased damage output is saturated:

Attribute Value Effect to Damage
0 ~ 80 Damage slightly increases while the value increases
80 1st breakpioint, ~1.4 times damage
150 2nd breakpoint, ~1.7 times damage
290 3rd breakpoint, ~1.8 times damage
300 4th breakpoint, ~2.0 times damge

Defence Attribute

Testing the effect of increased attribute values on armos brought up the following results:

Attribute Value Effect to Damage
108 Damage is reduced by ~30%
168 Damage is reduced by ~65%
288 Damage is reduced by ~71%
408 Damage is reduced by ~87%
668 Damage is reduced by ~86%

The attackers attribute value is not reported. Therefor this data might not be to acurate when it comes to the total amount of damage reduction. But it clearly shows that a saturation of the damage reduction is basicly reached at 408.

source: http://lineage2.playforum.net/

I am aware of the PTS Patch Notes being fare from complete and that there has already been the first revision of changes to the PTS (seams like the south korean players don’t like all the changes -specialy the skill reuse ones- this brought). So when i find time i will update the Patch Notes.

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October 31st, 2008 at 1:19 pm

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  1. What the defence attribut mean.
    I mean it’s defence attribut when your opponent have 300 attribut in weapon?


    13 Mar 09 at 13:57

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