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Event: Rabbit to Riches

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Spring is once again in the air. And as the weather turns sunny and warm, the inhabitants of Fantasy Isle are preparing to hold their yearly Spring celebration.

The playful residents of this strange and wondrous land have spread Treasure Sack Pieces across the globe. And they are waiting for you to find and collect these special items. Collect enough, and these pint-sized occupants will exchange your pieces for rare and precious prizes, including S-grade armor, high-grade Soul Crystals, shadow Agathion bracelets, and more!

How it works

Collect 50 Treasure Sack Pieces by hunting monsters and retrieving the pieces they’re hoarding. When you turn in 50 Treasure Sack Pieces to one of the event managers, you will receive one of six different Treasure Sacks (a 1st through 6th Place Treasure Sack) at random. Once you earn a Treasure Sack, open (double-click) it to see what you’ve won! Most Treasure Sacks contain only one item, but some contain more.

During this event, Fantasy Isle residents will be visiting every city to provide free teleports for all to Fantasy Isle. During the item drop period, the event managers will sell Rabbit Transformation Scrolls. You may use your Rabbit Transformation Scroll anywhere, but you will only find treasure on Fantasy Isle, so we recommend using it there!

  • You may purchase a Rabbit Transformation Scroll only once every 12 hours, per account.
  • Once you transform into a Rabbit, you will inherit two special skills: Rabbit Magic Eye and Rabbit Tornado.
  • The Rabbit Magic Eye skill will allow you to see nearby hidden treasure boxes (only on Fantasy Isle).
  • Once you successfully locate a treasure box by using the Rabbit Magic Eye skill, a total of three treasure boxes will appear. (They de-spawn after 18 seconds).
  • You can use the Rabbit Tornado skill to open treasure boxes.
  • Rare and special treasure boxes that shoot fireworks when you open them will sometimes appear. These boxes contain random rewards such as top A-grade weapons, Shadow Wolf Mount Bracelets, whole Treasure Sacks, and additional Treasure Sack Pieces.
  • Rabbits may be expert jumpers, but they aren’t the best swimmers. Your rabbit transformation will last for 10 minutes, but it will cancel immediately if you go into water. Stick to dry ground as long as you’re in rabbit form.

Treasure Sack Prizes

1st Place Treasure Sack: A piece of S-Grade Armor, or a Stage 13-14 Soul Crystal

2nd Place Treasure Sack: An S-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a Giant’s Secret Codex (Oblivion, Discipline, Mastery)

3rd Place Treasure Sack: An A-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a B-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a Life Stone, or a Blessed Scroll of Resurrection

4th Place Treasure Sack: A C-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a D-Grade Enchant Scroll, or a Shadow Agathion Bracelet, or a Blessed Scroll of Escape

5th Place Treasure Sack: A Fruit Cocktail Set

6th Place Treasure Sack: Various Buff Juices

Event Schedule

The event items will start dropping after weekly maintenance on March 10th until the start of weekly maintenance on March 17th. However, Event Manager Snow will remain in the game from March 17th till March 24th. In addition, Treasure Sack Pieces and Rabbit Transformation Scrolls will be removed during maintenance on March 24th.

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  1. During this event, Fantasy Isle residents will be visiting every city to provide free teleports for all to Fantasy Isle.

    Juhu freeport to fantasy island :D


    4 Mar 09 at 17:34

  2. thank goodness it cost so much to port there i never go i couldnt afford to get back last time T_T


    16 Mar 09 at 10:17

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