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Choose your Destiny – 15 July – 5 August, 2008

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NCSoft NA finaly brings the Choose your Destiny ‘event’ to Lineage 2 NA/EU. Players who wish to play one of theyr subclasses as mainclass can request the change on the PlayNC Account Management Page.

The request will be executed during each weekly maintenance. Requests can be placed starting Jul 15, 2008 untill Aug 5, 2008. To request the sub/main-class change a few requirements should be checked:

  • Each character can swap his or her main class only once.
  • If you first request an account service (character gender change, character name change, or server transfer), you cannot request the main class change. Please resubmit your request on the following week after the account service goes into effect.
  • Once you change a character’s class, the change is final and cannot be reversed. Please submit your request carefully.
  • In order to participate in this event, your desired character’s main class must be between levels 75 and 80, and the subclass level must be 75 or above.
  • Characters whose main class is a Warsmith, Maestro, Overlord, or Dominator are not eligible for this event.
  • If you have both Elf and Dark Elf classes as your subclasses, you cannot request one of them to be your main class since both of them can’t have the opposing race’s class as a subclass.
  • If you attempt to change your main class and it is not a compatible choice for the Choose Your Destiny Event, you will see an error that says, “No subclasses eligible for this event have been found on this character.”
  • The Kamael race’s Inspector and Judicator are subclass-only by design, so they cannot be changed into a main class.
  • The Kamael have unique occupations that are directly tied to the character’s gender, so when you change a Kamael character’s class, the gender also changes automatically. For example: If your Kamael character is female and you choose to change your main class to a Berserker, your character’s gender will change to male.
  • A Hero character can submit the class-change request only after the Hero period has ended.
  • At the time of the class change implementation, if your character is carrying more than 80 items in its inventory, the change will fail. Please check your inventory before the regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure that your character is carrying no more than 80 items.

Not just being late with adopting anything from the korean publisher to the NA/EU Servers, NCSoft NA is ‘selling’ this an event (trying to compensate the general lag of any ingame events?). Small reminder: NCSoft Korea brought this a account/charcter service with the launch of the Hellbound update to fix an old promise made when introducing sub-classes. At that time it was said that choosing a subclass wont affect your main class. With the introduction of sub class specific skills that can be applied to the main-class this didnt worked out so well.

A FAQ related to the service can be found at http://www.lineage2.com/archive/2008/04/choose_your_des.html

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