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April Fool’s Event

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Lineage 2′s long rumoured April Fool’s Event has finaly got off, even tho with 1 hour delay due to ‘technical difficults’. The Event runs from April, 1st untill April, 7th and is split into 2 Parts.

The First Part – April, 1st only

During the 1st part of the Event three kinds of herbs can drop from any Monster (also Monsters that usualy don’t drop herbs):

  • Baguette Herb – Black Afro-Look – Increases Attack Speed by 10%
  • Cream Puff Herb – Golden Afro-Look – recovers Vitality Points, while killing mobs
  • Cheesecake Herb – Pink Afro-Look – Increases Cast Speed by 15%

- Herbs will change the appearance of equiped Weapons and Equipment (Shields). This change will not affect the Weapons/Equipments abilities.
- Your characters Hairstyle gets changed into an Afro-Look.
- The effects lasts for 10 minutes.
- Re-equiping a Weapon/Equipment will restore the normal appearance of the item, but not stop the 10 minutes timer.
- Different Herbs do not stack with eachother. Picking up a Baguette Herb while already having a Cream Puff Herb running, the effects from the Cream Puff Herb will disapear and the effects from the Baguette Herb will be applied for the next 10 minutes.

The Second Part – April, 2nd ~ April, 7th weekly Downtime – NA/EU version

Well, small ‘correction’ or variance here, compared to the other Lineage 2 incarnations worldwide:

The herbs will keep droping but the visual changes wont be applied anymore.

The Second Part – April, 2nd ~ April, 7th weekly Downtime

The items Baguette Legacy and Baguette Legacy for Kamaels will be available. They can not be exchanged, dropped, or sold but stored in a private warehouse.
Double clicking one of these items will open it and randomly turn into 1 of 12 different Baguette Weapons:

- Each of the 12 Weapons representing one weapon type.
– These Baguette Weapons are Shadow Items that last for 7 days.
- Baguette Weapons have a low attack power, but offer a unique skill: Baguette’s Blessing.
Baguette’s Blessing fully restores a charcaters HP and 50% of the MP and CP.
– Re-use delay for Baguette’s Blessing is 30 Minutes.
– They can not be exchanged, dropped, or sold but stored in a private warehouse.
Baguette Weapons are also not usuable in Olympiad Fights.

The acquisition of Baguette Legacy and Baguette Legacy – Kamael is currently “unknown”.

NCWest, being bad as usualy when it comes to promotion and alike, forgot to mention that this event is being held worldwide on all Lineage 2 Servers, including Korea, Japan, SEA.
Even tho there is still no official word regarding launch details about the final Gracia Part 2.3, being ‘in sync’ with most of the in-game events let us hope to also get the korean Gracia Final launch events.

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