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T.E.R.A gets new european publisher

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Frogster announced on 14.07.2010 that it has secured the publishing rights to TERA. According to the press release TERA will be launched 2011 in Europe with a German, English and French version customized for the western market.

Along with the press release EnMasse (the former TERA publisher for Europe and North America) delivered a Q&A about TERA’s publication in Europe by Frogster International.

Greetings, members of the TERA community!

As you have no doubt seen, today Bluehole Studio announced a partnership with Frogster to publish TERA in Europe. Naturally, your first reaction must be “what does this mean to me?”

Here is our answer to this important question:

• TERA will have servers located in both North America and Europe. Frogster will create, maintain, and manage the European servers.

• TERA accounts created through Frogster will be exclusive to European servers and will be unable to access the North American servers. Frogster will handle European customer service.

• TERA in Europe will follow the same update schedule and contain the same content as the North American version of the game, with translations appropriate to each country and region.
- TERA is still planned to launch at the same time in North America and Europe.
- The tentative list of languages for translation remains French and German.
- Any content changes to the game, such as the removal of blood, will occur only to meet local European regulations and needs if necessary.

• There will not be a separate microtransaction payment model for TERA in Europe. TERA will use a subscription-based payment model in all regions.

• TERA-Europe.com will be the home of TERA in Europe and will host European-specific news, forums, and events.

• En Masse Entertainment and Frogster will communicate regularly before, during, and following the game’s launch.

• All players are welcome to participate on the official TERA-Online.com forums regardless of geographical location.

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