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NCSoft Media Day 2008 sum up

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During this years Media Day on August, 31th 2008 NCSoft revealed details about 3 upcoming games.

The formerly known as Project M title got confirmed tobe another MMORPG called Blade & Soul. Blade & Soul is an Oriental Martial Arts MMORPG thats supposed to break the traditional confined and monotonous game play, providing players a completely new experience. Its utilizing the Unreal 3 Engine. Developed by Team Bloodlust (responsible for Lineage 2) this might explain why the latest updates to Lineage 2 lagging any major content additions.
Official Site: http://games.plaync.co.kr/bladeandsoul/

Blade & Soul Gameplay Trailer

With Metal Black: Alternative NCSoft unveiled another MMO. A top-down, online action-RPG featuring the last of humanity trying to fend off an alien apocalypse. Players have a variety of weapons and a number of special techniques to help them survive in combat. Gameplay reminds on classic console games such as Commandos, Contra and Kill Zone.
Official Site: http://games.plaync.co.kr/metalblack/

Metal Black: Alternative Gameplay Trailer

Described as ‘extreme vehicle combat’, Steel Dog reminds on Auto Assault (wich got shut down in 2007). If its also gonna follow Auto Assaults success remains tobe seen.
Official Site: http://games.plaync.co.kr/steeldog/

Steel Dog Gameplay Trailer

The supported systems and if there are any publishing plans outside korea are unknown.

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