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Guild Wars 2: Trailer World Premiere

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ArenaNet premiered the first Guild Wars 2 Trailer during GamesCon Cologne 2009. There is no release date nore open beta shedule for Guild Wars 2 yet, but it should be expected 2nd half 2010. Class and Lore Details for Guild Wars 2 will e published later this year.

Wondering how Aion is doing at GamesCon?

NCwest is showing some ‘Live Theatre’ play on stage. Featuring an Asmodian and Elyos ‘talking/yelling’ at each other, while haning on wires giving the impression they are flying. Who thought the ingame english voiceovers are already bad, haven’t seen this promotion crap yet. The ‘acting’ is bad, the ‘story’ bad, … Whoever has to witness this will head straight to the opposite direction or at least hope someone going to cut the wires to end that misery.
While ArenaNet’s Promotion and Trailer are available in english, french and german NCwest thought english is enough. So anything shown on screen and stage is in english — way to fail your targeted audience there, wich is mostly german speaking. But well, Cologne is also in East Germany – right NCwest? Just like NCsoft Seoul is threatening NA/EU as 3rd world, NCwest is doing the same with non-NA areas.

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