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Special Abilities and Rare Effects – Dual Daggers

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Since the free update Lineage 2 : The 2nd Throne – Gracia, Part1 a crafter could create a Chaotic Weapons in addition to the normal Weapon. The Chaotic Weapons can be refined by the Blacksmith of Mammon into a Rare Weapon. The rare effect is fixed per Item and not randomly choosen.
To refine a Chatic Weapon into a Rare Weapon you need Mammon’s Varnish Enhancer. You can buy this for 100k adena from the Merchant of Mammon. Depending on the grade of the weapon you need: 1 for B-Grade, 3 for A-Grade and 7 for a S/S80 Weapon.

To create Rare Dual Daggers the higher rated Weapon needs tobe a rare weapon already. Maestro Ishuma at the Gludio Airship Field can craft Dual Daggers and any Blacksmith of Mammon as well.
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Dual Dagger Mastery

The level 81 skill Dual Dagger Mastery has tobe learned to make full use of a Dual Dagger. Duals Daggers do not increase Critical Rate or Attack Speed. With the Skill Dual Daggery Mastery your PAtk will increase by additionaly 87.5. Even tho the Dual Dagger Mastery Description states a 5% Critical Rate increase, comparing character stats have not shown an increased Critical Rate. So this seams tobe another lost-in-translation Bug, and the correct description might be 5% Critical Damage increase – but that’s not confirmed.

Rare Effects

Great Gale – increases Atk. Spd.
Confusion – increases Evasion

PVP Options

There are 2 PVP Options available for Dual Daggers wich you can choose from: Ignore Shield Defence or  Cancel. To add a PVP Bonus the same conditions as described in the Personal Reputation Points & PVP Bonus article apply.

Dual Daggers

Dynasty Dual Daggers – S80 304/157 – PVP
(Dynasty Knife + Soul Seperator + Dual Craft Stamp + 4.395.000 Adena)
When enchanted by 4 or more, Increases Critical Attack by 109.
Rare: Great Gale

Icarus Dual Daggers – S80 332/169  – PVP
(Icarus Disperser + Soul Seperator + Dual Craft Stamp + 6.089.000 Adena)
When enchanted by 4 or more, Increases Critical Attack by 109.
Rare: Confusion

Vesper Dual Daggers – S84 360/181 – PVP
(Vesper Shaper + Naga Storm + Dual Craft Stamp + 8.577.000 Adena)
When enchanted by 4 or more, Increases Critical Attack by 109.
Rare: -none-

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