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S80 Ikarus Weapon Reciepes and Parts

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There are two quests to obtain S80 Ikarus Weapon Reciepes and Parts. The first gets available once Hellbound is fully leveled up.

Jude’s Request

Level: 78+
NPC: Jude, at the Hidden Oasis on Hellbound
Type: repeatable
Rewards: random S80 Ikarus Weapon Parts & Reciepes

NPC Jude at the Hidden Oasis on Hellbound asks to hunt Lesser Evil (lvl 86) and Greater Evil (lvl 86). You can find these at the Monster Foundry. To get to the Foundry you have to pass through Tully’s Workshop. Killing Lesser and Greater Evil gets you Evil Weapons. Jude trades you Evil Weapons for S80 Ikarus Reciepes:

200 Evil Weapons – 1 random S80 Ikarus Weapon Reciepe
5 Evil Weapons – 3 random S80 Ikarus Weapon Parts

The other Quest that gets you S80 Ikarus Weapon Parts and Reciepes is available on Gracia.

How to oppose Evil

Level: 75+
NPC: General Dilios, at the Keucereus Alliance Base
Type: repeatable
S80 Ikarus Weapon Parts & Reciepes of your choice
Dynastic Essence II
Forgotten Scrolls (Deflect Magic, Dual Dagger Mastery, Mutual Responce, Turn Stone)

General Dilios asks you first to prove your flight capabilities. He accepts Lekon’s Certificate as prove of your ability to fly safely in Gracian airs. If you do not have have Lekon’s Certificate yet, then your next task is to finish the Quest: Good Day to flight (lvl 75+, Engineer Lekon at the Keucereus Alliance Base). With Lekon’s Certificate in hands speak again to General Dilios. Dilios now sends you to Special Product Broker Kutran who has more detailed informations about the needed Quest items. Dilios, Lekon and Kutran can be found atthe lower level of the Keucereus Alliance Base. Please note, that due to NCsoft’s awefull translation & lore skills, Kutran is also known als Kirklan.
Kutran asks you to hunt any monster inside the Seed of Infinity and Seed of Destruction. You will get Nucleus of an Incomplete Soul from the mobs in the Seed of Infinity. Mobs at the Seed of Destruction gets you Fleet Steed Troup’s Totem (also known as Mounted Troop Totem).
To get the Ikarus Reciepes and Parts you first have to trade the Nuclei and Totems at Kutran:

5 Nuclei of an Incomplete Soul : 1 Nucleus of a Freed Soul
5 Fleet Steed Troup’s Totem (Mounted Troop Totem) : 1 Fleet Steed Troup’s Charm (Mounted Troop Charm)

The Souls and Charms can then be exchanged for the final Quest rewards:

S80 Ikarus Weapon Reciepe
136 Nucleus of a Freed Soul
40 Fleet Steed Troup’s Charm

S80 Ikarus Weapon Part
26 Nucleus of a Freed Soul
6 Fleet Steed Troup’s Charm

Dynastic Essence II
800 Nucleus of a Freed Soul
200 Fleet Steed Troup’s Charm

Forgotten Scroll
200 Nucleus of a Freed Soul
50 Fleet Steed Troup’s Charm
12.000.000 Adena

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