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Quest: A Special Order

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Level: 40
NPC: Trader Helvetia, Giran
Type: 1-time / Solo
Reward: Wondrous Cubic

Meet Trader Helvetia at Giran’s Grocery Store. There are 2tasks for the quest. You get the task assigned randomly, so just abort the quest if you dont like the given task and restart it.

Task 1

  • Warehouse Chief Gesto had forgotten to get the jar. He asks you to obtain the seeds for him.
  • Use the Manor System to get: 40 Golden Cobol, 40 Thorn Cobol, 40 Great Cobol and return to Gesto.
  • Take the jar of seeds that Gesto made and bring it to Helvetia.

Task 2

  • Fishing Guild Member O’Fulle had forgotten to get the fish. Help O’Fulle to get the fish.
  • Get: 10 Orange Nimble Fish, 10 Orange Ugly Fish, 10 Orange Fat Fish and return to O’Fulle.
  • Take the box of fish that O’Fulle made and bring it to Helvetia.

Helvatia will reward you with a Wondrous Cubic. You can double-click it once per day to obtain a Cubic Piece.
Any Warehouse Freightman will exchange it for an additional adena fee into a Weapon or Armor Enchant Scroll.

EAD – 18k & Rough Blue Cubic Piece
EWD – 150k & Fine Blue Cubic Piece
EAC – 45k & Rough Yellow Cubic Piece
EWC – 330k & Fine Yellow Cubic Piece
EAB – 80k & Rough Green Cubic Piece
EWB – 1.5mio & Fine Green Cubic Piece
EAA – 720k & Rough Red Cubic Piece
EWA – 5.4mio & Fine Red Cubic Piece
EAS – 1.5mio & Rough White Cubic Piece
EWS – 15mio & Fine White Cubic Piece

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