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Quest: Hope within the Darkness

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Level: 80+
NPC: Underground Prison Manager, in each castle
Type: repeatable (every 4 hours) / Party
Time Limit: ?? mins
159 Knight Epaulettes
Vitality Points (from the Kanadis Heralds)

The Underground Prison Manager sends your group inside the Castle Pailaka. Every party member needs to acccept the quest first. Your mission is to rescue 4 investigators who are locked in there. Once inside your group has to fight 3 waves of mobs, wich automaticly spawn at a fixed interval. So you have tobe fast killing one wave, before the next gonna spawn.

1. Wave: Kanadis Herald(lvl 79), several Kanadis Fanatics (lvl 77)

2. Wave: Kanadis Herald(lvl 82), several Kanadis Fanatics (lvl 80)

3. Wave: Kanadis Herald (lvl 85), several Kanadis Fanatics (lvl 83)

The 4 investigators are stationary and do more or less help you fighting the mobs, if you drag the mobs within theyr range.
Once you have killed all mobs, the investigators gonna thank you and you can leave the instance. Speak to the Underground Prison Manager to receive the quest reward.

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