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Quest: Break through the Hall of Suffering – Seed of Infinity

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Conquering the Hall of Suffering is the first of 3 tasks that need to be finished to occupy the Seed of Infinity by the Keucereus Alliance.

Level: 75~82 (characters above lvl 82 can not take this quest)
NPC: Officier Tepios, inside the entrance to the Seed of Infinity
Type: repeatable (once per day) / Party (2-9 players)
Time Limit: 60 mins
Mark of Keucereus – Stage 1
Various Boxes (read below)
Vitality Points

Every player in the group has to accept the Quest from Officier Tepios. Inside the entrance to the Seed of Infinity you also find several Mouth of Ekimus. Talk to one to get to the Hall of Suffering.
Once inside a timer will start immediately. The timer will stop when you finished the instance and will be used to figure your reward (more about this at the end).
The Hall of Suffering consists of 6 chambers, wich are connected by tunnels. In the first 5 chambers you have to kill several mobs and a Tumor of Death inside each chamber. Killing the Tumor first makes dealing with the mobs abit easier. But be aware that the mobs will attack you once you start attacking a Tumor. Keep an eye on the Healers in your group – mobs AI prefers to attack Healer classes first. Several mobs use a weapon de-equip skill, be prepared to re-equip your weapon.
In the last chamber you will find the twin knights Yehan Klodekus and Yehan Klanikus, both lvl 82. These 2 Raid Bosses have to die within 1 minute – aka once one of them falls, the other has to go down within the next minute. If you fail todo so, the surviving Knight will resurrect his dead twin. Also note, if you seperate both Knights to fare from eachother, they become stronger and might turn invincible. During the fight additional mobs (from the other 5 chambers) will spawn.

When the Knight brothers are down Officier Tepios will show up and reward everyone in the group with a Supply Box. The grade of the Box depends on the time you needed to finsih the instance:

00:00 to 20:59 – Jewel Ornamented Duel Supplies
21:00 to 22:59 – Mother-of-Pearl Ornamented Duel Supplies
23:00 to 24:59 – Gold-Ornamented Duel Supplies
25:00 to 26:59 – Silver-Ornamented Duel Supplies
27:00 to 28:59 – Bronze-Ornamented Duel Supplies
29:00 to xx:59 – Non-Ornamented Duel Supplies
xx:00 to xx:59 – Weak-Looking Duel Supplies
xx:00 to xx:59 – Sad-Looking Duel Supplies
xx:00 to xx:59 – Poor-Looking Duel Supplies
xx:00 to xx:59 – Worthless Duel Supplies

Double-clicking a Box will get you (higher graded Boxes have a higher chance getting Adamantine and Orichalcum) :

6 Elixirs of CP S-Grade, 6 Elixirs of Life S-Grade, 6 Elixirs of Mental Strength S-Grade, 4 Leonard, 3 Orichalcum, 3 Adamantine, lvl 81 Spellbook, Collection Agathion Summon Bracelet

Regardless of the finishing time you obtain the Mark of Keucereus – Stage 1. The Mark is required to take the next task (Conquer the Hall of Erosion) in the process to liberate and occupy the Seed of Infinity.

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