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Quest: Containing the Attribute Power

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Level: 76+
NPC: Magic Trader Holly, in Aden / Magic Trader Weber, in Rune
Type: 1-time/ Solo
Rewards: 2 Rough Ore of any Element of your choice

This quest can either be done in the Aden Town territory or around the Town of Rune.

Aden Town

Talk (twice) to Magic Trader Holly in the Aden Grocery Store. She sends you to the Attribute Manager Yin, near the Blacksmith Shop. Yin gives you a Attribute Master’s Sword (male), wich adds 10 Fire Element Power to your characters attacks. Please note the ¬†sword is a shadow item that lasts for 10 Minutes, regardless if it is equiped or not. If your sword vanishes before you are done with the quest, talk to Yin again to obtain a new one. The Attibute Master’s Sword is an A-Grade weapon, so bringing some Soulshots and Spiritshots for it is going to help you.

Your 1st task is to bring 6 Reckless Soul Pieces of Water. Kill Reckless Sprite of Water to obtain the quest items. You can find the Sprites under the bridge that leads to the Aden Cemetary. Reckless Sprite of Water are not aggro nor social. The Soul Pieces can only be aquired if the last hit is done with the Attribute Master’s Sword.
Bring the 6 Soul Pieces to Yin, who will send you once again to bring another 6 Pieces. Once you have another 6 Pieces, talk to Yin again to receive your rewards. You can freely choice 2 Rough Ore of any Element (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Holy, Dark). A Rough Ore can not be droped or traded.

Rune Town

If you choose to take the quest from Magic Trader Weber in Rune, you get send to Attribute Manager Yan in Rune. He gives you the Attribute Master’s Sword (female), wich adds 10 Earth Element Power to your attacks.
The whole process of the quest is similiar to the one in Aden. Yan asks you to bring Reckless Soul Pieces of Air from the quest monsters Reckless Sprite of Air. You can find the quest monsters half the way to the Beast Farm.
The rewards are equal to the ones from Yin in Aden.

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