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Improved pets

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As part of the Lineage 2 Hellbound expansion the whole pet system got a major overhauling. Once a baby pet reaches level 55 it can be turned into an improved pet by speaking to one of the Pet Manager NPCs in various towns.
Update: With Gracia 2.2 the pet buffs got adjusted once more. Therefor the list below now reflects the Gracia 2.2 settings.

Great Wolf, Improved Cougar, Improved Buffalo, Improved Kookaburra

The Wolf envolves into a Great Wolf at level 55. Once reaching lvl 70 the Great Wolf envolves into a Fenrir, getting extra attacks and skills. Like Striders a Fenrir can be mounted when summoned. Baby Cougar, Buffalo and Kookaburra turn into Improved Cougar, Buffalo and Kookaburra. An improved baby pet can cast buffs on its owner:

Improved Cougar
Level 55 – Empower 3 (2 Minutes), Might 3 (2 Minutes)
Level 60 – Shield 3 (2 Minutes), BtB 6 (20 Minutes)
Level 65 – Acumen 3 (2 Minutes), Haste 2 (2 Minutes)
Level 70 – VR 4 (2 Minutes), Focus 3 (2 Minutes)
* uses Heal to restore the owners HP

Improved Buffalo
Level 55 – Might 3 (2 Minutes), BtB 6 (2 Minutes)
Level 60 – Shield 3 (2 Minutes), Guidance 3 (2 Minutes)
Level 65 – VR 4 (2 Minutes), Haste 2 (2 Minutes)
Level 70 – Focus 3 (2 Minutes), DW 3 (2 Minutes)
* uses Greater Heal to restore the owners HP

Improved Kookaburra
Level 55 – Empower 3 (2 Minutes), BtS 6 (20 Minutes)
Level 60 – BtB 6 (20 Minutes), Shield 3 (2 Minutes)
Level 65 – Concentration 6 (2 Minutes), Acumen 3 (2 Minutes)
Level 70 –
* recharges MP when the owner is in Battle stance and below 50% MP

Great Wolf / Fenrir
Level 70
– Bite Attack: Bite ferociously with sharp teeth.
– Maul: Attacks with fore-claws to create wound. Power 1. Effect 3. chance to add Bleeding
– Cry of the Wolf: Dominate nearby enemies with a mighty roar. -23% patk of surrounding enemies
– Awakening (group Buff): +8% patk, +16% matk, +8% attk-speed, +8 speed, -8% pdef, -16% mdef, -4 evasion. holds 90sec, cooldown 15mins

Great Snow Wolf / Snow Fenrir
Level 70
– the same ┬áskills like theyr normal counter part
– Cry of the Wolf: Dominate nearby enemies with a mighty roar. -23% patk/matk of surrounding enemies

Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir, and Red Dusk / Red Star / Red Wind Strider

Members of a clan that is in possession of a Rune or Aden Clan Hall can exchange their normal Wolf or Strider for a Clan Hall one. All they have todo is speaking to the Clan Hall Gatekeeper located outside the clan hall. A Great Wolf can be envolved into a Great Snow Wolf. A Fenrir turns into a Snow Fenrir, and Striders may be exchanged for a Red Star Strider, Red Dusk Strider or Red Wind Strider.

The Great Snow Wolf, Snow Fenrir and Red Striders possess unique skills that ordinary pets do not – the Great Snow Wolf can already be mounted at level 55. Their defense and mounted moving speed are higher than those of normal – non Clan Hall obtained – pets. At level 70 the Striders moving speed inreases from 172 to 177.

If a player looses access to a Clan Hall the obtained pets cannot be used, but they can be exchanged again for the previous pets through the Pet Trader Mickey NPC in the Towns of Aden and Rune Township.


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