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Elemental Attribute Defence Test

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Elemental Attribute Defence Graph

Test Sample: Naiads Hydroblast

  • Naiads magical attack has a bonus of 20 Water Points (physical hit break points are 20 Element Points left of the magical ones used for the plot).
  • The precise break points are unknown. The last one is not on at 350, but between 350 and 357.
  • This test used about 1.500 damage values resulting in rather precise Min and Max damage for each defence value while the Average jumped around up to 3 points, or 10% (so much for other tests “looking at the system messages while hunting to determine differences”).
  • The magical damage variance array: magical damage is element of [a*2/3 ; a*4/3] for a = constant damage calculated by the old formula.
  • All elemental defence values sharing the same damage in the graph (everything ‘sharing a horizontal line’) have the exact same Minimum, Average and Maximum values.

To understand why there are no precise break points please read the Elemental Attack Test.

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