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Elemental Attribute Attack Test

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Elemental Attribute Attack Test uncategorized

Elemental Attribute Damage Graph

This is the general graph of Average damage based on the Attack Element value. The general form (linear ascending up to a certain point and then switching to steps) is the same for each and every element and each and every mob in the game. Based on my sample (pool of all the test values I gathered) the 1st step can start as early as 105 Attack Element and as late as 180 Attack Element, depending on the mob and element equipped.
Once you have enough Attack Element to reach a step, there is no way to increase the damage other than reaching the next break point, at which your damage output will increase significantly.

Elemental Attribute Attack Test uncategorized

Elemental Attribute Damage Graph

Test Sample: Remnant Wraith

Solid lines are tested values, while the dotted lines are guesses based on that sample data.
Every non-horizontal part has been regressed.
Vertical parts are used for illustration purposes only.
“Playermade Elemental Power” = Elemental Attack value + Elemental Buffs + Elemental Debuffs.

What does the picture tells us?

  • For any given Attack Element value, its always:
    Weak (Min) Elemental Damage >= Neutral (Avg) Elemental Damage >= Strong (Max) Elemental Damage
    (This is also the order in which the Damage/Elements reach the steps.)
  • The damage dealt during the step intervals is exactly the same for each element.
  • Equipping the mobs strong element with a low value leads to an actual damage decrease.
  • In this scenario Playermade Dark Power needs to reach 180 to reach the first step (this is also the worst case of my tests).

What the rest of the data shows me?

  • The damage multiplier differs from mob to mob. The 1st step can be as high as 112% above the Base Damage or as low as 70%.
  • The system is not based on a simple linear formula.
    In the picture above, f.e. from the point at which Dark Damage reaches the Base Damage it requires 10 less Element to reach the 1st step than it takes Fire Damage from the Base Damage to the 1st step.
  • Once the 1st step is reached it seems to be rather simple and uniform. It’s 85ish more element to reach the next increase independent of element equipped.
  • Through the means of linear approximation I tried to find out Elemental Resist Values for the mobs.
    Once again, its not based on a simple formula but seems to rather be manually set to what the developers like. From -24 over -12, -7, 5, 8, 13 all the way up to 80 everything was possible.
    Since its more or less insignificant anyway I didnt dig too deep.

What about Elemental Attribute Defence?

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