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Clan Reputation Points & Clan Academy

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General Information

Any Lineage 2 Clan level 5 or above can aquire Clan Reputation Points / Fame. Those CRP can be used to obtain various Clan Skills or further level up the clan.

The Clan Reputation increases in the following cases:

  • a clan academy member completes the 2nd class transfer, check below for Clan Academy
  • a clan takes over a castle in a castle siege: +1.500 points
  • a clan successfully defends a held castle: +500 points
  • a clan acquires a siege-enabled clan hall: +500 points
  • a clan successfully defends a held siege-enabled clan hall: +150 points
  • a clan takes over a fortress in a fortress siege: +200 points
  • a clan successfully destroys a ballista in a fortress siege: +30 points
  • trading Blood Alliance (aquired by castle holding clans), Blood Oath (can only be obtained by a castle-contracted fortress), and Knight’s Epaulettes to the clan traders Ilia and Mulia
  • a clan member takes first place in the Festival of Darkness (also applies to the loosing 7 Signs side): +200 points
  • a clan member ranks in the Top10 Raidscore, check below for Raid Points
  • a clan member becomes a Hero: +1.000 points
  • a clan member donates her/his Personal Reputation Points / Fame to the clan
  • completing a clan quest: The Clan’s Reputation, The Clan’s Prestige
  • by killing an enemy in a clan war (under the condition of a 2-sided war declaration) or siege: +1 point
    when the other side’s reputation score is 0 or below, your clan cannot acquire any reputation points from them

The reputation score decreases in the following cases:

  • a clan-owned castle is taken over: -3.000 points
  • a clan-owned combat-type Clan Hall is taken over: -1.000 points
  • a clan member is killed by an enemy in a clan war (under the condition of a 2-sidedl war declaration) or siege: -1 point
    when your clan’s reputation score is 0 or below, your clan’s reputation score does not decrease

Clan Academy

A Lineage 2 Clan being level 5 or above may create a clan academy. Any character, level 39 or below, who has not yet joined a clan and has not yet completed the second class transfer may join an Academy. The maximum number of members in an Academy is 20.
The clan leader can create an Academy through NPCs who are in charge of clan-related activities (a High Priest, Grand Master, etc.).

When an Academy member completes his/her second class transfer, the member will receive a commemorative item. The Grand Master NPC of the member’s own class will award the commemorative item automatically upon the completion of the second class transfer. The member is then automatically withdrawn from the Academy, and will not receive a penalty for re-joining a clan.

Each time an academic graduates from the clan’s academy upon completion of his/her second class change, the clan will be awarded Reputation Points depending on the lvl on which the academic joined.

With introducing Lineage 2: The Chaotic Throne – Gracia (aka CT2.1) the CRPs will be as follow:

Level CRPs Level CRPs Level CRPs
39 190 31 350 23 510
38 210 30 370 22 530
37 230 29 390 21 550
36 250 28 410 20 570
35 270 27 430 19 590
34 290 26 450 18 610
33 310 25 470 17 630
32 330 24 490 16 and below 650

Academics and Sponsors

You can support your Academy members by assigning a regular clan member to an academic as sponsor. Academy members can acquire a D-grade armor set through a quest that may be conducted with by theyr sponsor.
Only Academy members and graduates of an Academy may wear the armor set acquired through this quest. When withdrawing from an Academy, after acquiring the armor set, the armor will not be unequipped automatically. However, once you unequip the armor it cannot be worn again.

Raid Points

Characters obtain Raid Points by killing Raid Bosses within the world of Lineage 2. Each week the Top ranked players clans get rewarded with Clan Reputation Points in relation to theyr members ranking:

  • Rank 1: 1.250 points
  • Rank 2: 900 points
  • Rank 3: 700 points
  • Rank 4: 600 points
  • Rank 5: 450 points
  • Rank 6: 350 points
  • Rank 7: 300 points
  • Rank 8: 200 points
  • Rank 9: 150 points
  • Rank 10: 100 points
  • Rank 11~50: 25 points
  • Rank 51~100: ?? points

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