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Aion: Press Meeting 2010

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During the Press Conference on March, 3rd 2010 NCSoft Korea unveiled first details about the next Aion updates, named 1.9 and 2.0. Version 1.9 will focus on class balancing and bringing several improvements to eas game play. New major content will have to wait until the release of Aion 2.0.
Aion 1.9 is currently been tested on the Korean PTS and scheduled to hit the Korean Live Servers later this March. Version 2.0 is scheduled for May 2010 in Korea. There is currently no
known schedule for the European and NA servers.

1.9 Preview

During the Press Meeting only certain key elements of the coming update have been presented. Detailed release notes are expected later this week.

Party Matching System
Own UI where groups can register and individual players can easier find parties. Works like the Broker interface.

Reclaim sold Items
Sold an item to the vendor by accident? You can now revert the sale of the last 10 items.

Additional Hotbars
2 more floating Hotbars with 12 additional Slot each. These new Hotbars can be aligned vertical or horizontal and be placed anywhere on the UI.

New Skills
Namely Stun-Counter-Attacks/Skills and several new skills to balance classes against each other.

Stat Changes
Magical Critical (2x damage & 2x HP healed). Increased Physical & Magical Defense, Physical & Magical Critical damage reduction Stats.
If these are passive or active Skills is currently unknown.

Rested Energy System gets improved and adds ‘Energy of Salvation’

Lowered Soul Healing, Soul Binding, Flight Transportation costs

Quest rewards increased/changed

Increased Droprates for Instances

Shadow Items (Weapon & Armor)
Can be purchased in Cities and Fortresses. These Items last for a given time, can not be extracted, enchanted, synthesized.
The Stat limitations of these items are currently unknown, also up to what grade of items will be available.

Low Budget Abyss Items
Items that only costs Medals but no additional AP will be added.

Weapon Synthesis System
Any ‘2-hand’ weapon can be combined with another weapon of the same type into an improved weapon.

Main Weapon + Secondary weapon + Kinah = improved Main Weapon

The Secondary Weapon is destroyed during the synthesis process. Certain Main Weapon stats gets improved, based on how strong the Secondary Weapon was (Main Weapon gets the additional Bonuses, Manastone Slots and Attack Stats). This  equals safe enchanting.

Enchanting System for Weapons increased to +15

Dredgion Changes
Somehow balancing things out if the opponent group is too strong, so you still can do certain things and are not ‘forced’ to sit things out.

Daily Quest System
Quests that are on a daily cooldown will be added. Rewards are Coins/Medals , these can be exchanged for items.

New Luxury Clothes & Wings
The level 30 requirement to remodel items gets lowered to level 20.

2.0 Short Infos

About Aion 2.0 not much has been said. Except showing Trailer with 2.0 content and giving some very brief informations:

  • increased level cap to 55
  • new Items, Hunting Areas, Instances, Named Bosses
  • new traveling system called ‘Aetheric Slipstream’
  • improved Fortess Defence
  • non-combat mountable Pets
  • changes to the Abyss

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