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Aion: Open Beta shedule & the road to Retail Launch

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NCwest finaly announced the Open Beta dates for theyr MMO Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

Sep 06, 2009 – Open Beta starts
Sep 13, 2009 – Open Beta ends
Sep 18, 2009 – Pre-Selection for Server and Character / Name starts (for Pre-Order customers)
Sep 20, 2009 – Headstart Program launches for both NA & EU (access to the live servers for Pre-Order customers)
Sep 22, 2009 – Retail Launch for North America
Sep 25, 2009 – Retail Launch for Europe

Open Beta Settings

Both factions, Elyos and Asmodians, are playable during Open Beta. The level cap will be set to level 30. Please be aware that all Open Beta Characters will be deleted once the Open Beta phase ends on Sep 13, 2009.

Open Beta Access

Anyone with a game account that had access to one of the Closed Betas (be it by a Pre-Order Key or a Closed Beta Key) will automaticly get access to the Open Beta.

If you are new to Aion you need an Open Beta Key. After registering on you can create a Aion game account with your Open Beta Key. Currently no details are known where to get the Open Beta Keys from. Open Beta Keys will be availble on Fileplanet (wich needs a registration), starting September 1st. You can judge for yourself how ‘open’ a limited number of Open Beta Keys is. Seams tobe easier for NCwest todo it that way than just let you create an game account that is limited to Open Beta access — what is good for the company is good for its customers.

Open Beta Client

The easiest way is to let the NCLauncher do the job. If you have participated during one of the Closed Betas just start the NCLauncher, right-click the Aion entry in the games list and select Check for updates. The NCLauncher will start to download and install the patch to bring your game client to the Open Beta version. The NCLauncher is also the easiest way todo a fresh install of the Aion Open Beta client.

You can download the NCLauncher from:

Alternative you can manualy download the Open Beta client.

Closed Beta to Open Beta Patch

Fileplanet (needs registration) :
Filesize: 3.075 MB
MD5 checksum: a8c79c7ea45e6013fbc9feab2f7055d0

Full Open Beta Client

Fileplanet (needs registration):
Filesize: 9.325 MB
MD5 checksum: 8e9c0484f262f09ebd28937bc07353bf

The Open Beta game client will be compatible for the Retail Launch.

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