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Aion closed beta key giveaway!

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The Aion Closed Beta / Preview Events are underway since a few weeks. For those that didn’t got a chance to give Aion a try have now a chance to fetch a Beta Key for the upcomming Closed Beta Event. The next Beta Event will run from July 2nd to July 6th, 2009 and allow you to try both factions, the Elyos and Asmodian from level 1 to 20. Since the classchange is at level 10, this Beta Event gives a good amount of time to try various different classes and get an impression of the game.

PirateNinjas is giving away 20 Keys for the Closed Beta Event from July 2nd to July 6th, 2009.
These Keys are for the European Servers — due to the way the Aion Account Management is setuped, you will only be able to play on the European Servers with these Keys.

How to get one of the 20 Keys?
Simply leave a comment to this post naming one of the Guildes in Lineage 2 on Kain (no Apercu is not the answer). The first 20 comments with the right answer and a valid Email will win — so make sure to leave a valid Email when posting your answer.

Comments are set to moderate status. Please do not wonder when your comment will not show up, after you have submited. We will approve all comments when the 20 Keys are handed out (for privaty reasons we will of couse remove your Email from the comment before approval).

So in short:
Name a Guild from the old Lineage 2 Server Kain? Leave a comment with your answer and a valid Email.

Good Night and Good Luck everyone!

UPDATE: All Keys are gone and the winners have been informed. Enjoy and have fun!

CG Trailer

Open Beta Test Trailer

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June 27th, 2009 at 1:08 am

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31 Responses to 'Aion closed beta key giveaway!'

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  1. For the Aion Beta Key:

    I remember a guild named “Final Conflict” in Kain.


    27 Jun 09 at 02:22

  2. Angel Brigade


    27 Jun 09 at 19:21

  3. Angel Brigade


    27 Jun 09 at 20:31

  4. Must be some of these :)

    Lineage2 : Kain

    Angel Brigade
    Lineage2 : Kain

    Angel Has Fallen
    Lineage2 : Kain

    Band of the Red Hand
    Lineage2 : Kain

    Lineage2 : Kain

    IC Thuglife Geno
    Lineage2 : Kain

    Lineage2 : Kain

    killer of mamaw
    Lineage2 : Kain

    Lineage2 : Kain

    Lineage2 : Kain

    Soul is Eternal
    Lineage2 : Kain

    Team Jesus
    Lineage2 : Kain


    28 Jun 09 at 14:07

  5. Here are a couple of Guilds from Kain :)

    * AnaAyesh
    * TeamJesus
    * The5thElement
    * Bregan
    * Avarice



    28 Jun 09 at 19:06

  6. EmbracingWings =P (is my guild in Kain… well Aria… =P)


    30 Jun 09 at 15:18

  7. Angel Brigade

    For Aion beta key…..


    30 Jun 09 at 17:20

  8. EndlessPariah

    Simon Winter

    1 Jul 09 at 00:55

  9. innerconflict


    1 Jul 09 at 09:17

  10. Savage Kingdom


    1 Jul 09 at 09:20

  11. Angel Brigade


    1 Jul 09 at 12:33

  12. EndlessPariah

    well i was in that :P


    1 Jul 09 at 12:36

  13. Hi!

    I remember Elite Force, and DemiGods.


    1 Jul 09 at 12:40

  14. Clan: SocialMisfits!
    Back when Kain was still around anyways…


    1 Jul 09 at 12:43

  15. I’d love to have a beta key.
    Guild: Angel Brigade is the guild I know from Lineage 2.



    1 Jul 09 at 13:06

  16. Angel Brigade


    1 Jul 09 at 14:52

  17. Angel Brigade


    1 Jul 09 at 14:57

  18. Paradigma


    1 Jul 09 at 15:34

  19. Pigs On The Wings


    1 Jul 09 at 15:53

  20. Ultima Ratio


    1 Jul 09 at 15:55

  21. aria

    Jorden Coster

    1 Jul 09 at 15:58

  22. chaotic assembly

    Jorden Coster

    1 Jul 09 at 16:00

  23. Crimson Gale
    Dancing Devils
    Lux Aeterna
    Temple of Shillien

    get i now a cookie? :)


    2 Jul 09 at 11:21

  24. TheFallen


    17 Jul 09 at 03:37

  25. hi…are there any keys for aion beta 6 ?


    14 Aug 09 at 08:28

  26. Hi, unfortunaly not. But there will be a free-for-all Open Beta within the next month, prior to retail launch on 22. (NA) / 25.(EU) Sep 2009. Details about it should be availale soon — hopefully.


    14 Aug 09 at 10:15

  27. Any more keys left? I’ve been searching for 1 3 months for now? (2 would be better because i wanna play with my brother). If there is the guild ;



    14 Aug 09 at 17:45

  28. Im rui silver ranger from kain, i was in clan DiE
    Death is eternal members like dielucky, diebrian, joshywashy, evolutuinst, Donramone, i remember alot of nice players ;)


    4 Sep 09 at 05:13

  29. Hi Rui, the Closed Betas are over. Open Beta for Aion will start on Sep, 6th 2009. You can try getting an Open beta key from one of the sites listed here: http://eu.aiononline.com/de/news/sichert-euch-euren-open-beta-zugang.html (no idea why there is only a german list, but thats NCwest …)


    4 Sep 09 at 11:41

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