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Aion 2.0: Abyss Items costs & stats

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The korean PTS for Aion 2.0 just went live. NCsoft Korea also published the full korean PTS patch notes.
With the level cap being raised from 50 to 55 also new Abyss Item Set Series become available for lvl 55 players. The level 55 Abyss Items come in 3 flavors: rare (green), legendary (blue), unique (gold). Like all Abyss Items you need a good amount of AP and for legendary & unique Items an additional amount of Medals. To purchase lvl 55 Abyss Items you need Platinum Medals – unlike previous Abyss Items witch needed Silver or Golden Medals.

(stats for all Armors, Jewelry and Weapons to follow later, when i got some time)

Rare Series

Weapon, Shield: 152.500 AP, 0 Medals

Jacket: 101.700
Pants: 76.300
Pauldrons, Gloves, Boots: 50.900

Necklace, Hat: 76.300
Earring: 57.200
Ring, Belt: 38.200

Total: 864.800

Legendary Series

Weapon, Shield: 365.900 AP, 19 Medals

Jacket: 244.000 AP, 13 Medals
Pants: 183.000 AP, 10 Medals
Pauldrons, Gloves, Boots: 122.000 AP, 7 Medals

Necklace, Hat: 183.000 AP, 10 Medals
Earring: 137.200 AP, 7 Medals
Ring, Belt: 91.500 AP, 5 Medals

Total: 2.073.800 AP, 112 Medals

Unique Series

Weapon, Shield: 1.097.600 AP, 55 Medals

Jacket: 731.800 AP, 37 Medals
Pants: 548.800 AP, 28 Medals
Pauldrons, Gloves, Boots: 365.900 AP, 19 Medals

Necklace, Hat: 548.800 AP, 28 Medals
Earring: 411.600 AP, 21 Medals
Ring, Belt: 274.400 AP, 14 Medals

Total: 6.219.900 AP, 317 Medals


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