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Aion 2.0 goes live in Korea

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The Aion 2.0 update will be go live on the korean Live Servers on May, 26h 2010. Aion 2.0 is currently undergoing public testing on the korean PTS. Since the initial 2.0 PTS notes have been published there have been numerous bug fixes and adjustments to pre-2.0 armors and weapons have been made (giving Cast- & Attack-Speed to a alot more items, even down to the level 30-ish).
NCWest is planning to release Aion 1.9 to the EU/NA Server on May, 2nd 2010. Aion 1.9 was released in Korea on March, 24th – pretty much exactly 2 months ago. Aion 2.0 is expected for a (late) Fall release on the European/NA Servers – so much for releasing content updates global and in “in-snyc” …

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May 21st, 2010 at 12:13 pm

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  1. Where comes the “late” in (late)fall from?
    June-September doesn’t really fall into late fall. And thats the timeframe been given by Korean heads.


    26 May 10 at 19:04

  2. Sorry typo.
    Meant to write July-September


    26 May 10 at 19:05

  3. Because 10 years of playing ncsoft games, ncsoft ALWAYS, ALWAYS, FUCKING ALWAYS updates/posts/hosts events at the VERY FUCKING LATEST of any given time frame. EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME. for 10 YEARS.

    There’s being optimistic, and there’s being born yesterday in a barn fucking naive.


    12 Jun 10 at 03:39

  4. Even at the latest minute of the given Korean timeframe on 30.September thats still not late but early fall.
    You know fall begins in September?

    Theres being pessimistic and theres being outright, well … wrong.

    And 1.9 has been released when the Korean timeframe was open until 30.June. Thats close to two months earlier than your “ALWAYS, ALWAYS, FUCKING ALWAYS VERY FUCKING LATEST” date.

    Theres being experienced and theres being outright, well … wrong again.

    So who is the one fucking naive here?


    1 Jul 10 at 03:41

  5. The time frame was actually to November/December according to the conference call.

    They might step things up a notch now that final fantasy 14 has released their publish date but they certainly had no intention what so ever of releasing 2.0 in na/eu in June or July. Even if they do release it in septmeber, that is way too late and way too long. We were originally “promised” in sysc updates. September is also much more time than how long it took the koreans to MAKE the patch.

    Why so much fan boy bap? Ncsoft pay your bills? Y u so mad on the internet?


    3 Jul 10 at 08:17

  6. Latest example of NCWest screwing up: delaying server-merges and ‘solving’ character name conflicts.

    Just check the official & in-official forums, where NCWest posts and it’s easy to see how capable – technically, intellectually, organizationally (thanks to Elmar for the wording^^) – NCWest is. Aion in NA/EU was dead 6 months after launch and NCWest has done everything they could to not establish the product properly. At the same time they completly failed building up an healthy customer-relationship (from ‘soon’ to rewording the same non-info several times …)

    The fanboys should check what’s currently going on with Lineage 2 in NA/EU – or what’s actually not going on … The Next update ‘High Five’ is going live in Korea tomorrow. In the Meantime NA/EU still hasn’t delivered the current update ‘Freya’ and is still debating if they gonna do the next round of server merges before getting ‘Freya’ live in NA/EU.

    This also gonna be the future of Aion in NA/EU just in a much shorter time-frame than Lineage 2. NCWest simply can not handle the product properly – just look at all the typos, misleading NPC names, screwed up descriptions, texts, UI-elements. These are all ‘bugs’ NCWest could easily fix on their own without having to check with NCSoft in Korea. Droprates, balancing, basically all the core functionality of the game never gonna change from the korean original (even tho NCWest attempts to make it look like they could) – but that’s also not expected, with the exception of fan-boys and people having their r 1st NCSoft experience.

    Like langlang said, it’s history repeating – so enjoy it while it lasts (NCWest is doing nothing else than that, who ever thinks differently is delusional IMO).


    6 Jul 10 at 15:00

  7. Found this again googling… :)

    Turns out the “naive fanboy” was spot on and right.
    And the “experienced” who “know” NCSoft where simply wrong,
    but no one bothers anymore and is doomongering allready again about recent updates, falling back to their so called experience.


    23 Jan 11 at 04:02

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