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Aion 1.9: Crafting Infos

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In Aion 1.9 the crafting skill level has been raised from 449p to 499p. Crafting designs for various new potions, scrolls and other items have also been added. On the korean PTS people are leveling up theyr crafting skills to 499p. With the increased XP & Droprates (4.5x than normal) on the PTS it iscurrently not that much of a problem to get to 499p. Once Aion 1.9 will go live things gonna lock different, due to the normal XP & Droprate. Also note that there are not much 449+ designs available in 1.9 and people will have to wait untill Aion 2.0 gets released to get access to additional Designs.


Crafting level 60 Manastones requires the Alchemy Skill at 490p. The Designs can be purchased from the Alchemy vendor.

Crafting 1 level 60 Manastone requires 2 level 50 Manastones and 1 expert Catalyst.

  • Evasion, Physical Critical Hit
    Normal Output: +14 Greater Output: +17
  • Accuracy, Magic Boost, Parry, Block
    Normal Output: +22 Greater Output: +27
  • HP, MP
    Normal Output: +70 Greater Output: +95

Note; The Design for Attack +6 Manastones is currently not available from the Alchemy vendor (might be drop only, not available by design or simply be forgotten).

Cast Speed Scrolls

The needed Designs to craft Cast Speed Scrolls are drop only.

3% Cast Speed Scrolls: 180p
6% Cast Speed Scrolls: 280p
9% Cast Speed Scrolls: 380p

Aion 1.9: Crafting Infos aion

Cast Speed Designs

Masterwork Quest

Once your crafting skill raches 499p you can obtain the Masterwork quest to become a Greater Expert in the profession. Currently there are no benefits from finishing this quest, this might change with Aion 2.0. The quest itself equals the Expert quest for any profession. The only difference is, that for the final item you have the choice todo the critical-proc craft or you can obtain a fail save design, wich will produce the needed item without a crit-craft. The material costs fro both crafts differ greatly (see pictures below for flux prices).

Aion 1.9: Crafting Infos aion

Masterwork Quest, incl. fail-save Materials

Aion 1.9: Crafting Infos aion

Masterwork Designs, upper for the lucky click, lower for the fail-save

Aion 1.9: Crafting Infos aion

Masterwork Costs, left for lucky, right for fail-save

Source: http://www.inven.co.kr/

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